Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hardknott Brewery - Totally Cosmic

The brewery is yet another discovery I made via Twitter, I must say that to me they are a hidden gem and I’m sure they are very well-known within the beer bloggers fraternity. Hardnott beers hail from Cumbria more information is available on the companywebsite.

I purchased my set of bottles from The Wineyard a specialist wine and beer shop and deli in Morecombe who I also discovered on Twitter. Young Ben done a great job of getting my parcel over to me next day, despite the current Christmas rush.

I do like their style of branding the labelling is very cool, quite futuristic with names like Dark Energy, Granite and Infra Red they would be very popular in the bar of the Starship Enterprise. You can just imagine the scene Captain Kirk walks up to the bar and say’s “A bottle of Intra Red for me and a Dark Energy for my mate Spock please guv”.

Branding plays a very important part, I believe however good the contents there is that percentage who will always add a product to the trolley because of how it looks. There is nothing wrong with traditional labelling styles which some beer producers use but I feel it is the brand owners job to make their product stand out from the crowd and keep things interesting for their PR companies.

Hardknott have done a great job on the branding and I look forward to seeing the names of their future beers. The beers I enjoyed very much and was certainly not disappointed, complex, massive flavours and the delightful aromas in all three, which I tasted stayed with me, till the last drop.

My ratings:

Infra Red (6.5% ABV) - 8/10
Dark Enery (4.9% ABV) - 7/10
Granite 2009 (10.4 ABV) - 8/10

HardKnott making beer to change the world, I certainly agree with that.

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