Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monsieur Rock - Collaboration beer Sharp's and Orval Brewery

My son brought me a few bottles on his way back home from Canterbury Uni from The Bottle Shop in the Goods Shed next to Canterbury railway station, Bottle shop opened four months back and carry an extensive range of British and International bottled beers. My son's choice of beverage is Lager and Vodka than Real Ale so when he told me he has a lager for me, which ‘ROCKS’ I had some apprehension when he wouldn't tell me the name.

Well that was short lived as soon as I saw that this was a product from Sharp's Brewery in Cornwall which certainly do make great beers i was chuffed plus I’m a huge fan of the another beer they brew called Chalky's Bite which they developed together with Chef Rick Stein. This tasty beverage is called Monsieur Rock and is collaboration with the very popular Belgian Trappist brewery Orval; Sharps based in Rock hence the name 'Monsieur Rock' well sort of.

I'd heard of this beer on Twitter recently via the beer fraternity tweets and they had all good things to say about it, this beer contains Saaz hops which mainly come out of Bohemia and its a very traditional aroma hop that has been grown in this part of the world for centuries. It has a distinctive flavor and the thought of the collaboration with Orval made my mouth water just thinking about it.

Monsieur Rock is a 5.2% Lager, pours a pale gold with a nice lacy white head. Aroma is grassy with grapefruit I found it had a light carbonation but crisp and the taste smooth Orange then Lemon with a light bitterness and spice dry finish. Very drinkable and ideal supping beer for the coming summer.

My ratings:
Monsieur Rock (5.2%) - 8/10

More info on Sharp's can be found on the website or follow them on Twitter @sharpsbrewery and more info on the Bottle shop can be found on the shops website and yep they are also on Twitter @bottle_shop

I'm off to Canterbury this Easter to pick up my son for the holidays and I’m surely buying a case from the Bottle Shop, thinking about it I better place a order now.


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