Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Antonia - Collaboration beer Dogfish Head & Birra del Borgo

Purchased this bottle at Birroteca Grand Cru, I'd first heard about this collaboration beer early 2010 and failed to find one in the UK. I am a fan of Dogfish beers and can't get enough of the superb Indian Brown Ale and 120 Minute IPA yet Birra del Borgo are new to me but I hear positive vibes coming from that camp too and certainly one to watch.

I don't really go for a Pilsners not for any reason anyway, yet I'd never tasted a Imperial Pilsner before until now. Well this tasty beverage pours a golden colour with a small white head and leaves a nice lacing on the glass, aromas were of grass, honey, citrus and floral hops even light spices. You taste some herbs, citrus pine, honey and some caramel with a dry finish. One of the best if not the best pilsner (opps Imperial Pilsner) I have had in a long time.

My ratings:
My Antonia (7.5% ABV) - 8/10

Defiantly a beer i would recommend you all to try and for more info on Birra del Borgo do check out the company website, Dogfish Head which needs no introduction here is a link anyway.


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