Thursday, 11 November 2010

Welcome To My Beer Blog

Tullelloo! You may ask, well let me explain. Tullee-hoo! Mixture of the hunting cry Tally Ho! and the Punjabi (North Indian) drinking word "tullee" creates Tulleehoo Indian for cheers. Well you can say what you like I suppose, after a gallon don't really matter cos no one's gonna understand a thing I'm saying.
North Indian (Punjabi) Tullee meaning drunk stick the HOO and yep you got it TULLEEHOO let's get plastered.

I've been contemplating for a while now as to do a blog and I finally plucked up the courage this week and began to sort it out. Wordpress ain't been without its headaches, so I'm quite surprised to get to where I am.

Our great beverage beer I believe is good for you, not only because of that brewers yeast (Vitamin B) but it brings people together havin' a laugh, a bit of banter and the odd intellectual conversation about our pursuits keep me sane at most of times.

I hope my beer and foodie reviews over the coming months also brings people together on the blog, if not only to moan about what I've written ;D I'm always on the look out for new and exciting beers from micro breweries whenever I can (quite often actually) and am known to travel a fair bit to get my beery fix and have also built a fine collection of some very rare beers which I can't drink but will review.

So hope to see you back here very soon to read my first review.

Until then Tally Ho! Oops, Tulleehoo!


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