Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mikkeller - Simcoe Single Hop IPA

Picked up this bottle last December from L'Abbaaye des Saveurs in Lille, I like to stop off at Lille when I can just so I can visit this excellent beer boutique. This time I was on my way to Paris for the day on business and I wished it were for longer because Paris was covered in snow and the city looked like a picture postcard. One of my closest mates introduced to me a while back to Paris beer shop Cave à Bulles which is also very good but these boys in Lille do like to get in some cracking exceptional unusual beers and they are very passionate about their stock.

Danish brand Mikkeller make exceptional unusual beers, you could say they are they Keith Richards of the beer world proper rock’n roll and everyone wants to be them and brew the styles they are brewing. Since these guys came on the sceen back in the mid 2000’s they have quickly become the cutting edge brand of the craft beer revolution along with the likes of US brewers Three Floyds and Stone.

Surprisingly Mikkeller don't actually have there own brewery and make most of there beers at De Proef brouwerij in Belgium, now that’s another story in itself for another time, quite an amazing set up in Gent ran by a man known as the professor. 

Right this beauty is one of their recent beers (erm maybe not) and pours a cloudy orange colour with a big frothy lasting white head. Aroma is Floral, fresh citrus mostly dry grape, pineapple and hints of yeast. Flavor is very fruity, grape, pineapple, peach and a little Caramel sweetness coming in from the background. Good carbonation and you know what I could drink this every day.

My Rating:
Mikkeller - Simcoe Single Hop IPA (6.9%) 8/10

For those of you who don’t know about Mikkeller and have been living in a 'cave`, here’s a link.


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