Friday, 10 June 2011

Laverstoke Park Farm - Organic Real Ale

One of the key focus every year at the Real Food Festival is UK farming and Laverstoke Park Farm from Hampshire took a large area at this years show and brought along some Buffalos, Piglets and a couple of very cute kids (baby Goats) which were the centre of attraction. Laverstoke Park Farm offer a range of products from Buffalo Mozzarella, Dairy products, Sauces, Sausages and even Beer which can be purchased via the company website or from the farm.

I was surprised to discover that Laverstoke Park Farm is owned by ex Ferrari F1 Champion Jody Scheckter who won the crown back in 1980, he now runs the 2500 acres organic/biodynamic farm and I presume that’s him on the front of the bottle! I suppose he got a guilty conscience because of all the CO2 he pumped in to the atmosphere in his driving days and to try and make things ok now set up the farm. I suppose these things play on your mind when you get to a certain ago, so I better make sure I do my bit for the environment beginning with make full use of the various recycle boxes (4 at my last count) my council has given us.

Laverstoke Park Farm do two beers a lager and a bottle conditioned beer but both are not brewed on the farm but by the very well respected Hepworth Brewery in Sussex. This one pours a clear golden colour with a nice foamy head. Aroma quite herbal and a little citrus and light malts. Flavour is sweet, Honey with hints of caramel with a balanced hop and malt bitter ending. Medium carbonation and not very complex but if I had a bottle lying around I’d probably drink it.

My Rating:
Laverstoke Park Farm - Organic Real Ale (5%) 5/10

You can catch Laverstoke Park Farm on Twitter @Laverstoke and more information on the farm available via the company website.


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