Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Craft Beer Co a new London drinking establishment.

Situated just off of London’s leading bullion and diamond dealers sit's London latest gem the Craft Beer Co, opened a few weeks ago taking over the old Green King Clock House pub on the junction of Hatton Wall and Leather Lane. For those of you who know London well Leather Lane is a busy market you name it they sell it down here plus the City is not far, what also makes the location ideal is that there is a tube station one in every direction. Ideal when navigation skills are running slow after a jolly, at least we can get on a train.

What is very appealing about this pub is that its got (yep I counted) 16 cask ales and 21 kegged on offer and hold it over 150 different bottle beers from around the world, to a novice beer drinker walking in he/she would will be faced with the delightful task of tasting his or hers first decent beer. Don’t get me wrong most there are some very good London pubs which sell some sort of good quality ales yet this is not just a range of beers but an notice of intent by the pub a selection of some of the finest establish and up and coming artisan craft breweries.  

The decor is very pleasing to the eye as they have kept it minimal and at the same time not loosing the pub identity, mirror ceilings (not kinky ones) gave the impression of very high ceiling and together with the side windows made the place look much airier. Georgian Cast Iron Radiators, branded wallpaper and a mural scenic wall that is a shot from a brewery made the upstairs a very comfortable lounge bar type chill out zone.

You've got to give it to them not only have they thought about the beers on offer but also about creating the right ambiance to drink the beer, my only worry thou about this place is that on one night when I’ve had a few I might end up in one of the numerous jewelers shops close by and end up buying a wedding warned guys.

Destined to be added to loadsa tourist maps over the coming months The Craft Beer Co is defiantly here.


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