Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Another Great British Beer Festival (GBBF)

Well its an event most of us look forward to every year and this years pre GBBF run up has not been short of a few interesting happenings, yep the Brew Dog situation. Each of us we have our own theories about what happened and I feel Brew Dog have acted very admirably and took it on the chin, instead of kicking up a big fuss. I was hoping to see around 100 dwarfs outside Earls Court with banners screaming but hey Camra rule the roast and we can't do noting about it.

This years show opened up on a glorious hot summers day with mercury levels hitting 30 degrees (yep we get hot weather in the UK too) and yes old lady Earl Court is not a venue you want to be in, so luckily I’d put on my shorts and tee well prepared for battle. As expected a very enthusiastic crowd of beer drinkers were present all enjoying the delights of beers from around the country, the usual breweries showing off their latest brews.

This years  'Best Beer' in Britain is Mighty Oak brewery's Oscar Wilde, ok please don't all jump up in joy at the same time. I feel Camra's decision was based on drinkers aged 55+ I'm really beginning to feel there is a big divide coming up, most beer drinkers I know aged 20/45 all talk and show a great interest about the great new hops and the artisan creative new beer the up coming breweries are making which is well away from the norm.

Camra is protecting the good old pint, which so rightly is their job, but they do need to change with the time and accept modern techniques and innovations in brewing. However I was surprised to see a very a selection of Mikkeller beers on sale, so maybe they are trying and look at this years logo don't that remind you of the 80's Britannia music awards logo!

BSF the foreign beer stand I thought had a really bad selection of Belgian bottled beers on offer this year, could have been so much better. Ok the Lambics and Fruits we all love but come on! The Blondes I’d never heard of few of them and I travel frequently to Belgium. Even the US beers most on offer you can get in the supermarket (what’s the point) and missing were the SKA, Avery and North Coast beers we all want to get and enjoy.

I bought a couple of beers to take home two breweries beers I’d never tried before, a bottle of Bootlegger by Swiss brewery Bad Attitude and a Bastarda Rossa by Italian Brewery Birra Amiata, both I’ll do reviews when get time. I tasted quite a few while I was their incl some interesting Czech beers which also helped me from getting dehydrated and I thoroughly enjoyed my favourite pub snack pork scratching mmmmmmm

GBBF is now on for a few more days and please do check it out, the beer and pub industry needs our support at the moment and with our support we all reap the benefit.

For tickets check out the Website plus GBBF/Camra are also on Twitter @GBBF @CAMRA_Official


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