Thursday, 22 September 2011

Raspberry Wheat beer - Whitstable Brewery

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate fruit beers, Cherry Strawberry Cranberry Belgian German even US I can't do it. Its not a man thing as a lot of my mates drink the odd bottle of Fruli or Floris I know a few women who enjoy the stuff too and some who would jump into their hand bags on the mention of one. 

I took my mate John who's a bar Manager at one of London top Casino's recently to the GBBF, I’ve been trying to convince him to stock some proper beers at his bar and GBBF be the place to get him going. I made him sample beers from De Molens to the Mikkellers to Thornbridge to the Marble's and he really enjoyed them, so whilst walking around he said to me "lets try that Whitstable beer" I thought he meant the Oyster stout and to my shock when he handed me my glass it was a Raspberry wheat beer.

Picking myself off the ground I looked around to find a bucket, no joy so closed my eyes and drank. You know what I was very very impressed with this beer, yep shock horror stranger things happen but this is a really nice fruit beer unlike the stuff that put me off it's not very sweet like having a whole packet of Opal Fruits in your gob. Impressed with that we decided that we'll come back on the way out and have one more for the road and you wouldn't guessed when we did get back for one more they had sold out.

Last week I went to Canterbury to drop my son off to Uni so I thought I’d pop into the Bottle shop on the chance he may have the stuff, gutted he had non I walked around and found a few bottles on a small grocers stand a couple of stalls down from him. Sorted.

Pours a cloudy pink with a good head, quite fizzy on the mouthful like a spritzer. Aroma obviously Raspberries and mild spicy hops. Dry and spiced flavours with distinct Raspberry and a nice sour tartiness about it that makes this beer very refreshing. It’s not very sweet (Hallelujah) and ends with a citrus finish.

My Rating

Raspberry Wheat Ber – Whitstable Brewery (5.2%) 6/10

This beer’s changed my perception of fruit beers so if you felt the same way then try this beer, you’ll enjoy it.

More in on the Brewery and it other beers available on the company website, not sure if they are on Twitter


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