Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Golden Pint Awards - 2012

I know i've been slacking it a bit (quite a bit) and not blogged for over actually to a year this week but i've been busy on various beery missions at home and internationally,  i've kept a little book thou in which i have scribbled the good and the bad (i'm not a ticker and yes there were a few bad ones) of what i have drank this year on tap and bottle.

So here goes, here's my The Golden Pint Awards - 2012

Best UK Draught Beer –  This was a hard one so i have had to choose 2 winners, totally on different ends of the spectrum BRODIES CITRA and WEAN BREWERY BLACKBERRY STOUT  both outstanding and deliciousssss.

Best UK Bottled Beer – KERNEL BREWERY -TABLE BEER Great beer and should be on everyones table.

Best Overseas Draught Beer – BROUWERIJ DE DOCHTER VAN DE KORENAAR - BELLE FLEUR There is some exciting stuff coming out of this brewery but for me this Belgian IPA ROCKS

Best Overseas Bottled Beer – ST MARTIN - THE CLOCK OF ST MARTIN QUADRUPLE If you have had the chance to drink this beer you will agree with me it is simply an outstanding beer.

Best Overall Beer – It's just got be to BRODIES - ROMANOV EMPRESS STOUT 

Best Pump clip – TAP EAST IPA Pretty much all of the TAP EAST clips are cool, all designed by young Phil Fenner 

Best UK Brewery – BEER GEEK BREWERY Love the branding and very nice beer...2013 will be a very good year from them i'm sure.

Best Overseas Brewery – It's a tie between the French and the Belgians BROUWERIJ DE DOCHTER VAN DE KORENAAR and BRASSERIE THIRIEZ both exceptional gents...ones to watch!

Pub/Bar of the Year – KING WILLIAM IV Non of that urbanish or minimalish even that loungeish just a proper East End Boozer

Beer Festival of the Year – BRUGES BEER FESTIVAL Even in a foot of snow it was the most fun i had this year

Supermarket of the Year – SAINSBURY'S  Purely just to buy my supply of BREWDOG PUNK IPA

Independent Retailer of the Year – BOTTLE SHOP (CANTERBURY) Its always a pleasure to visit my son at the Uni in Canterbury and fill my bags at the goods yard :)

Online Retailer of the Year - Still looking for one that can surprise me...

Best Beer Blog or Website - OH BEAUTIFUL BEER Anyone looking to revamp there labels research that site.

Best Beer Book or Magazine – Not found one, then again just bought Pete Browns new book so probably that will be next years vote

Best Beer Twitterer – @CAMRGB beery comrade 

Best Online Brewery presence – BREWDOG

Food and Beer Pairing of the Year – LAMB CURRY (from Lahore Kebab HouseE1) with KERNEL DOUBLE SCCANS

Best Phone App - UnTappd

In 2013 I’d Most Like To… – On a mission to bring British craft beer to India, that's if i can convince them that ‘NO’ Duvel and Murphy's are not craft beers

Thank you for reading


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