Thursday, 19 December 2013

Golden Pints Awards 2013

Right then here we go again... 

Our UK beer scene has again this year been strong right up there i'm pleased to say,  i'm sensing a movement in trend in Europe with Scandinavia impressing very much more than the Southern Europeans. Don't get me wrong still love the Belgian offering even the Italian's but whats coming through from Northern Europe is exciting.

So here goes, here's my The Golden Pint Awards - 2013

Best UK Draught Beer –  I new this would happen i've had to choose 2 winners again, totally on different ends of the spectrum BRODIES - LONDON SOUR (FRUITS OF THE FOREST) and CAIRNGORM BREWERY - BLACK GOLD  both excellent beers.

Best UK Bottled Beer – BEAVERTOWN - STRINGY JACK ok launched late this year but wow one hell of a pumpkin beer.

Best Overseas Draught Beer – STRONZO - BUTLERS CHOICE this Imperial Porter from Denmark is right up there with the best, i'm just loving the stuff coming out of Scandinavia.. 

Best Overseas Bottled Beer – STRÖMSHOLMS BRYGGHUS - GATE GUARDIAN Tropical fruit flowery hop aroma with some mild caramel and touch of spice. Very refreshing. With a brewer who's got the biggest handle bars i've ever scene.. 

Best Overall Beer – Reminded recently again how good this beer is, it's truly a pressure to drink BREWSTERS BREWERY - PALE ALE

Best Pump clip –  It’s got to go to ALPHA STATE clips i’ve seen so far are just soo cool….bring it on.

Best UK Brewery – Bliemy this was a hard one just so much on offer and everyone at a very high standard but i have made my decision…..It’s BRODIES BREWERY (James you ROCK pal) 

Best Overseas Brewery - Daniel keeps hold of his title BRASSERIE THIRIEZ exceptional…Can’t wait for what new in 2014

Pub/Bar of the Year – My local KING WILLIAM IV Non of that urbanism or minimalism even that loungeish plus they’ve just had the gents done up… just a proper East End Boozer

Beer Festival of the Year – STOCKHOLM BEER FESTIVAL - It was bigger this year with another hall added great vibe good crowd and great beer… If you’ve not been look in the mirror and ask yourself WHY!

Supermarket of the Year – SAINSBURY'S  Great selection of beers this year GBBH incl Harbour and Hardknott

Independent Retailer of the Year – STIRCHLEY WINES - Kris your a hop nerd fella keep up the good work.

Online Retailer of the Year - YEP still looking for one that can surprise me...

Best Beer Blog or Website -  BOAK AND BAILEY - When i want to read a blog about beer and our brewing history i don’t want blog that waffles on in many directions, i’ve always found this blog to be informative and very well researched and with a touch of fine banter.

Best Beer Book or Magazine – CRAFT BEER WORLD by Mark Dredge - Good read and good selection of beers many which i have crossed off my beery list this year…Still trying to get my hands on the hop chart though :)

Best Beer Twitterer – @PETEBROWNBEER 

Best Online Brewery presence – Again this year it’s BREWDOG read some stuff on the Twittersphere recently few people having a pop at them (Euh!) but you know what love drinking there beers and they DO make the most noise on Twitter.

Food and Beer Pairing of the Year – Chocolate cake and TITANIC PLUM PORTER any day..

Best Phone App - UnTappd

In 2014 I’d Most Like To… –  For those who know me you know what i’m up to, look forward to 2014 and live the dream.

I thank you.


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