Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Golden Pints Awards 2014

This annual posting seems to has become now the only blog posting i'm doing, which is a shame as with all the beery traveling and events i attend i could easier bore you all with numerous posts.. Suppose this will be my new years resolution but doubt it will last longer that any fitness resolutions i set myself.

Anyway what a year what a great industry we are now in, brewing has now set a very high standard here in the UK with any new brewery immediately looking to be as or even more creative then the established brew teams... Normally you'd think a startup would have a 2 or even 3 bread and butter sort of beers safe to give them a firm footing but it seems from the word go they want to brew in your face beers.

I'm all for that and i supposed for start ups being this way immediately creative will help them stand out from the crowd and be noticed.....What was the last London brewery count!

Right then here's what passed my lips this years and helped to keep alive my passion for craft beer... Can i use those 2 words anymore LOLS

Best UK Cask Beer –  1st place BREWSTERS - AROMATICA what is there to explain those of you who have drank this beer i hope will agree the aroma the notes and bitterness is very well balanced, top of the list for a session beer...Very very drinkable. 2nd place IIKLEY - THE MAYAN this Chocolate Chipotle Stout is amazing again very well balanced with a good body, if you've not drank this one get off your back side and find a pint.

Best UK Keg Beer- If my wife would allow me to have a keg fitting in the house i'd drink this with a big smile on my face CAMDEN  - INDIA HELLS LAGER

Best UK Bottled Beer or Can - This category should be called train beer.. Best Can Beer is the BEAVERTON - GAMMA RAY gets my vote. Best bottle i vote SIGNATURE BREW - BLACK TONGUE probably the best Black IPA out there this year.  

Best Overseas Draught Beer – My votes guest to Spanish bad boys NAPARBIER - AKER IPA drank this on Keg tasted delicious 

Best Overseas Bottled or Can Beer – Best bottled can't beat the DE RANKE - XXX BITTER if you remember the XX this smashes that.

Best Collaboration brew- What a beer this was can't get any more artisan than this PRESSURE DROP - STRICTLY ROOTS ingredients forgaed by John the poacher the earthy notes from the roots int he porter were amazing.

Best Overall Beer – Bliemy this is a hard on but vote goes to THE KERNEL - BIERE DE TABLE FRESH HOP WGV a beer for any time any occasion.... Superb

Best Pump clip/ Branding –  SIDE PROJECT BREWERY just beautiful

Best UK Brewery – BREWSTERS BREWERY Grantham.. Just great drinkable beer. 

Best Overseas Brewery -I could vote for Cantillon every year but BRASSERIE SAINTE HÉLÈNE get my vote. No doubt the Barley Wine they brew and the Stout called Black Mamba are 2 of the best beers to come out of this camp and Belgium this year.

Best new Brewery Opening 2014 - ONE MILE END what i have tasted so far from this team pleases me

Pub/Bar of the Year – My local is always and will always be my pub of the year KING WILLIAM IV Leyton

Best New Pub/Bar 2014- Bethnal Greens finest MOTHER KELLYS 

Food and Beer Pairing of the Year – ZERESHK POLO MORRGH (Iranian Saffron chicken with Barberry Rice) paired with MAGIC ROCK - RAPTURE 

Beer Festival of the Year – GBBF was fun this year the variety and quality of cask beer on offer from National and Intl brewers was top class.

Supermarket of the Year – Sod them especially ones around my back yard, total shite they sell ...Sorry no vote.

Independent Retailer of the Year – This category is based only on London as they are the only independent bottle shops i frequent and my vote goes to CLAPTON CRAFT just what East London needed....Well done lads 

Online Retailer of the Year - There's only one ALESBYMAIL 

Best Beer Blog or Website - Its got to be the one and only BOAK AND BAILEYS BEER BLOG

Best Beer Book or Magazine – No guessing here BREW BRITANNIA written by you now who  

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer- @PeteBrownBeer 

Best Phone App - Has to be for me UNTAPPD

Best Brewery Website/Social Media - With the network on Twitter they have now also with there numerous bars, its very hard not to see a time line without the mention of BREWDOG  or any of there beers and i'm sure it's set to grow.


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